I feel that when asked to construct a blog, you’re given a free pass to drop aspects of the academic style of writing, even more so when discussing cinema. It’s all about opinions, how you interpret something and what you got out of it. In the blogasphere, there’s no ‘right way’ to write – in first-person, through sarcasm, screen shots. No one can really tell you that you’re wrong if you’re convincing enough.

The vision for this blog was to combine it with my previous one for Screen & Sound 3 as a cohesive folio.  I used the same style of writing as I did in my previous essays so that they flow together and also used a similar WordPress theme so that they visually match as well. I included the ‘sub-headers’ that I used in the submission of the essays for assessment because they add just that little bit of context for readers outside of the class.

Criticism is about engagement, enlightenment and starting a conversation. I hope that the content here achieves that even a little bit.




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